My experience: Hurricane Sandy

Everyday you open your eyes, grab your phone, check your email, facebook, instagram, twitter, take a hot shower, make some coffee. The day has begun.  Without electricity all of this is lost.  It has definitely been a humbling experience to go by without power all of these days and remember when there was a time we didn’t check our phones every couple of minutes.

Hurricane Sandy took a toll on Lower Manhattanites, but thankfully we have survived. The damage in Lower Manhattan is not as bad as New Jersey.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost family members and whose homes & businesses where destroyed.  We will prevail!

West Broadway & Houston looked deserted the day after the hurricane.

Not a lot of damage to report near Soho. This is in front of NYU where a tree fell.

Midtown had several locations where people were charging their phones and electronic devices.  Everyone was feeling disconnected.

Yesterday was bus madness. Sense there is no subway yet, everyone is relying on the bus system.

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One thought on “My experience: Hurricane Sandy

  1. I’ve wanted to live in NYC since I was in 5th grade (I’m in high school now), and Hurricane Sandy only makes me want to live there more after seeing everyone pulling together after it. I know it’s a kind of a naive point of veiw, but still.

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